About Us

Pine Shores Presbyterian Church is a faith community of seekers and disciples. Our congregation is made up of those who choose to make the world a better place while striving to live a life of faithfulness. We have young and old, singles, and various kinds of family configurations. We have those who have been life-long Presbyterians and those who are new to church or to the faith; all are welcomed and accepted.

What we have is community – a community of believers in Jesus Christ – who care for each other, reaching out in times of joy, in times of sorrow and the in-between times we know as life. A core value is acceptance. Pine Shores is intentional at being Christ-like, extending compassion, spreading love by sharing the good news of God’s love.

From within our church building to the streets around the world, we believe God’s love and hope is needed everywhere. We affirm our part of what God is doing in the world. Worship at Pine Shores focuses on the content and context of God’s Word. In a world spiritual hunger, we direct our energy toward making a difference in Sarasota and around the world.

Are you ready to hear the message? If so, you will find it in this community. You will see it in the faces of our younger members. You will hear it through our many opportunities for fellowship. And you will feel it in the smiles and handshakes from our pastors and members as they welcome you to Pine Shores Presbyterian Church.

We invite you to visit us and experience Pine Shores. We would be delighted to talk to you any time about the work, witness and worship of Pine Shores. Give us a call at 941-922-1597. Our email address is: info@PineShoresPres.org. God Bless and we look forward to seeing you.