Camp fees are $300/week or $60/day (Early registration discount if paid by May 5th for Summer Camp $250/week or $50/day).
FOR SUMMER CAMP: If paid after May 5th, the weekly rate is $300 (daily rate $60). If paid by May 5th, the weekly rate will be $250 (daily rate $50).
Name, home, work and cell phone numbers please.
Name, home, work and cell phone numbers please
Please list any allergies, illnesses, current medications and diet restrictions and explain. If none, please answer \"none\"
Please answer Yes or \"none\" (if yes, please explain.)
My child has my permission to attend all field trips included in the Day Camp under the supervision of Pine Shores Presbyterian Church. I read, understand and agree with the following conditions: - All campers will be participating in the field trips. If my child arrives late or leaves early, I will be responsible for taking him/her to and from the field trip site and making prior arrangements with the Camp Director. - Proper attire and sun protection will be needed and I will provided the aforementioned as necessary. - All campers shall follow the established program and guidelines. Public school policies of attire and safety apply. Any campers can and will be expelled from the program due to disciplinary misconduct, with no camp refund. - The parents and/or guardian, in consideration for Pine Shores Presbyterian Church providing facilities, instruction and supervision in the registered activity, does hereby: (a) assume all risk of possible damage or injury involved through participation of my child in the registered activity, (b) request permission to have my child participate in the activity with full knowledge that said activity could result in damage or injury to participant. - I give my permission for use of photography including my child in church publicity. - I understand that registration fees are non-refundable.