Azalia Oberg Memorial Prayer Garden

The kiss of the sun for pardon,

The song of the birds for mirth,

One is nearer God’s heart in a garden

Than anywhere on earth.

From: The Lord God Planted a Garden

By: Dorothy F. Blomfield Gurney

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The Azalia Oberg Memorial Prayer Garden was dedicated in 1966 when Mrs. Azalia Oberg provided the first plantings with azaleas being the primary flower since this was her favorite.  Mrs. Oberg, at her death, also provided an Endowment Fund with the stipulation that the income from the fund be used to assist in maintaining the garden.

The “Green Thumbers” were organized in the spring of 1976, and a chairperson was appointed. The committee then planned and was authorized to completely re-landscape the Garden during the summer of 1976. During the fall and early spring of 1993-94, an additional monument for future plaques was constructed in the Garden area.


This Garden is for Prayer and Meditation and is known to be used frequently. It is also a memorial place for loved ones. The bronze plaques on both monuments list the names of those placed in the Garden. Arrangements can be made with one of the ministers to have the ashes of a loved one located in the Garden and the bronze name plate can be obtained at a set fee.


Those whose cremains may be interred in the Oberg Prayer Garden shall include:

1.Members, both active and inactive

2. Affiliate members

3. Immediate family of members and affiliate members to include spouse, children and parents.

There is a fee which includes the cost for a plaque and for members both active and inactive to have their cremains interred. Any other interment needs approval of the Co-Pastors, Property Committee and Session.


The “Green Thumbers” oversee the care of the Garden which is done each week by members of the committee.


Questions concerning the prayer garden may be directed Marilyn Miller, (941) 922-1597,  Donations to the Prayer Garden Fund are welcomed. These funds are used to refurbish the area as well as to purchase replacement azaleas.