Noah Beck died from the results of a tragic automobile accident in the winter of 1998. Much beloved by a large number of the members of Pine Shores and son and brother of a family that is a valued and active part of the congregation, it is the will of the family and concurred to by the Staff and the Endowment Board that a Memorial Fellowship be established in memory of Noah Beck.

Memorial funds will be used to honor and recognize young people who are graduating seniors from High School, active in the life of Pine Shores and hold promise to be outstanding students throughout their college tenure including their quest for advanced degrees.

Noah Beck Memorial Fellowships are awarded in three categories:

1. For qualifying students in a college/university program leading to a Bachelor’s degree,

2. For qualifying students receiving advanced college/university degrees in a Master’s or Doctoral program and

3. For one qualifying student, selected annually, who has demonstrated outstanding scholarship excellence in the current academic year in a college/university program leading to a Bachelor’s degree. This special recognition is made in the name of the Bob and Billie Martin Achievement Award.

For more information on eligibility and application forms, click HERE

2020 Noah Beck Fellowship Sponsor Signs

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