Yesterday the Wismer clan ventured up to Ruth Eckerd Hall to hear Sir Van (curmudgeon) Morrison. (Actually he wasn’t too crusty last night.)  It was a delightful (and a late) evening.  One of the songs in his set was “Precious Time.” It’s on his 1999 album, Back on Top. Basically, it’s a song about being mindful of our limited time on earth. Time passes so quickly, and we sometimes don’t even notice.  Precious time is slipping awayYou know you’re only king/queen for a dayIt doesn’t matter to which God you prayPrecious time is slipping away

So, throughout this day, I’ve been cognizant to the notion of precious time. Yeah, I know—preparing to present a workshop in an upcoming PDA meeting or making phone calls, arranging visits, writing email after email, dealing with minutia doesn’t feel like precious time but is not the story of our faith, full of evidence of a God who is attentive to the little things? Kathleen Norris writes: “But most of us, most of the time, take for granted what is closest to us and is most universal. The daily round of sunrise and sunset, for example, that marks the coming and passing of each day, is no longer a symbol of human hopes, or of God’s majesty, but a grind, something we must grit our teeth to endure. Our busy schedules… has diminished our capacity to marvel.” We want to remind you not to let precious time slip away from you.  Enjoy all the blessings of this and every day.

Scripture Reading: Psalm 136:7-9
“who made the great lights, for his steadfast love endures forever; the sun to rule over the day,  for his steadfast love endures forever; the moon and stars to rule over the night, for his steadfast love endures forever;.”

Reflection Questions:
How can you make the ordinarily occurrences in your day more precious?
What blessing surprised you the most today?
What helps you experience the steadfast love of the Lord?

Prayer: Holy God, thank you for the blessing of today and for all who enrich my life.  Help me see others as precious. Amen