In baseball there is a statistic measuring the hitter’s raw power.  It is ISO and stands for isolated power.  ISO is a very simple statistic and depending on what information you have the ISO can be calculated in three different ways,
ISO = SLG – AVG or ISO = ((2B) + (2*3B) + (3*HR)) / AB or ISO = Extra Bases / At-Bats
Fascinating (or at a minimum clever enough) but it’s not relevant to this reading for today, which is about power. About halfway back in my journal, I wrote the following thought down… “those in power may be fascinated by the wisdom proclaimed in the word, intrigued by the helpful and unselfish deeds toward others, sympathetic to a transformative message, and willing to notice the just and holy nature of the one who is speaking, but those in power, their loyalty is still always to status and the need to keep the power they possess.”  Power comes bundled with the opportunity to abuse it; it comes in forms that control others, which overlooks and then rewards behavior conforming to the norms as defined by the powerful –when “everyone does it” the “it” is no longer a misuse of power. Those in positions of power, tend to drift further and further away from the “real world” and we treat them as if they are something worthy and more superior than they actually are.  We let them be entitled to do anything they want, constantly affirming their success and status, brings to them an inflated self, an excessive belief in their own ideas, and ultimately a disregard for others.  As harsh as this may sound it’s easier not standing up or speaking out. In the comic strip called B.C. we see this illustrated: The two cavemen are sitting together under the night sky, when one says, “Sometimes I want to ask God why God lets so many bad things happen in the world.”  The other asks, “Why don’t you?” “Because I’m afraid God would ask me the same question.”

Scripture Reading:  Proverbs 3:27
Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.”

Reflection Questions:
What great action will you take today?
What powerful person do you respect and why?
What causes you to withhold your goodness?

Prayer: Holy God, let me not be hesitant to speak up when I am afraid.  Let goodness flow from me today and fill me with opportunity to make a difference.  Amen.