The drama of the first round of the NFL draft is thankfully over.  No real surprise unless it was San Francisco 49ers choice of QB Trey Lance from North Dakota State University over Alabama’s Mac Jones. Either way it doesn’t impact me. But another Friday has arrived and I’m staying with a football theme. Here you go.  Don Shula, the former coach of the Miami Dolphins, took his wife on vacation to a small seaside town in Maine. He had heard it was quiet place where they could relax without anyone paying attention to them. It was raining when they arrived, so they decided to take in a movie.  When they entered the small theater, the lights were still on and the show had not started.  To their surprise, a scattered handful of people gave them a round of applause as they seated themselves. Secretly pleased, Shula whispered to his wife, “I guess there isn’t anywhere I’m not known.” “You’re known and loved the world over,” she replied with just a touch of sarcasm. A man with a friendly smile came over and shook hands with Shula.  “I’m really surprised you know me here,” Shula remarked. “I must admit I don’t know you,” the man replied.  “We’re just happy to see you folks.  The manager said he wouldn’t start the film until at least two more people showed up.”

Scripture Reading: Matthew 19:12
“All who exalt themselves will be humbled, and all who humble themselves will be exalted.”

Reflection Questions:
Who shows up when you need a friend?
How do you define humble?
How is your humility beneficial to the people in your life?

Prayer: Holy God, help me to be more attentive to the gift of humility. When a moment occurs let me be present to friend, foe or stranger.  Let me share with others a faithful path. Amen.