There is a story about a puddle alongside a river. In the puddle lived some puddle fish. They lived there very comfortably, swimming around in circles, eating water bugs.   Then one day – out of nowhere – a huge, beautiful golden fish landed splash in the middle of the puddle. Terrified all the little puddle fish scurried under the roots of the tree that surround their puddle. And they watched and waited, in fear.  Then the beautiful, golden fish began to swim around a little, saying “It’s all right. I won’t hurt you. What do you do here?” One brave little puddle fish ventured out a little way and explained, “We live here. This is our puddle. We swim around in circles and eat water bugs.” “Oh”, said the golden fish, “don’t you know about the sea?” “What’s the sea?” Asked another puddle fish. “The sea”, said the golden fish, “is out there. It is so big you can’t see the end of it. And it is so full of things you can never count them all.” The puddle fish paused to consider all this new information. Shortly, one swam out and said flatly, “No such thing!” Another ventured to ask, “Where is the sea and how does one get to it?” The big, golden fish said, “It’s at the end of the river. And all you have to do is swim around and around very fast, and jump over this bank, into the river and the river will carry you into the sea.” “But the river has swift currents and snags along the edges!” exclaimed the puddle fish. “Yes,” said the golden fish, “but the river will carry you along and it’s the only way to get to the sea. And soon this puddle will be gone. The rain won’t come and it will dry up. But the river will take you to the sea!” After another pause the golden fish slowly began to swim around in a circle. Each time around, it went a little faster. At first, all the puddle fish just watched.  But then one swam out and begin to swim round with the golden fish, going faster and faster and faster. And in a little while, two more puddle fish began to circle with them and then another.  They swam faster and faster and then leaped over the edge of the puddle into the river! For a while, all the other little puddle fish just hovered there in the roots. But soon they began to swim out, and they swam slowly around the puddle, until the water settled down. And it wasn’t long at all until they were eating water bugs again.

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:28
“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

Reflection Questions:
How does this story relate to the Monday after Easter?
What purpose is God calling you to embody?
How are you working for the good?

Prayer: Holy God, when I’m reluctant or resist your invitation to shine light on the good news of your risen-ness, remind me you are trustworthy and keep your promises.   Amen.

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