As I drove into church this morning, I was not that surprised to see Bob Keller.  He was pulling weeds. It’s something he does regularly.  He looked up and said “I’m being persistent.”  After a chuckle or two, we both agreed that one has to be persistent when it comes to weeds. If the old saying is applicable, “Life demands persistence; life rewards persistence”, then Bob’s persistence with those stinking weeds results in being rewarded with a well maintatined campus and grounds.  We are grateful for Bob and for Bert Mitchell for all they do to keep the grounds of Pine Shore – Holy.
We want to tarry with the notion of persistence for a bit longer.  Being persistent is a good quality to embrace especially as we continue to be apart from one another and the beloved community of Pine Shores. We’re very hopeful that we’ll be back in the sanctuary sooner than later.  A quick side note. We have been able to reactivate (thanks to Rick Holdsworth) the “Outdoor Sanctuary.” We now have the capability of broadcasting the service live on the radio.  The station is 100.5 FM but you do have to be in the parking lot either on youth house or prayer garden side to tune in.  We invite you to fill your cup up, drive on over, park your car and listen to the worship service on campus.  Broadcasting will begin at 9:30 am with special music.
Persistence is a component of a great faith. In the sermon on Sunday it was stated that unwavering belief combined with passion, focus, action and patience defines persistence. The challenge of the message included the invitation to be persistent in the right things… in the things that make for a greater faithfulness. So let’s be tenacious in loving each other.  Let’s be shameless in the way we care for those in need and let’s be passionate in doing justice

Scripture Reading: Matthew 15:23-25
But he did not answer her at all. And his disciples came and urged him, saying, “Send her away, for she keeps shouting after us.” He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” But she came and knelt before him, saying, “Lord, help me.” 

Reflection Questions:
Who is the most persistent person in your life?
How do you define a “great faith?”
When was a time that your belief in Jesus “helped you”?

Prayer: Holy God, help me to cultivate persistence so I can act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with you. Reward me with the joy of sharing your presence with others. Amen.

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