For those of you who wander in and out of the office you have become aware that math is not my strongest suit. (That whole debit and credit thing seems all backwards to me.)  In the earlier years, my dad and I had a few knock-down drag-out conversations mostly about matrix vector products as linear transformations.  We had serious math differences with each other – linear algebra – in my case. My brain doesn’t work that way.
Those teaching moments were not pleasant but thankfully I had a really great dad who eventually figure out that I was never going to be a structural engineer or a mechanical engineer or an electrical engineer or a metallurgical engineer.  In fact he would not even give me a Lionel X-853 Train Set for Christmas.  He didn’t want me to have ideas about become an engineer of any kind.
So, it should not surprise anyone that I don’t do the math at our house. Karen has that kind of brain.  On her career aptitude test she scored extremely high on accounting as a possible profession.  Karen (the old school way) regularly sits down and works her way through the checkbook – balancing the checkbook and accounting for just about every penny.  This amazes me because if I get close that’s good enough. To cover all my sins I just do a journal entry.  Can’t be that bad. So, you understand why Karen balances the checkbook.  She pays attention to the decimal points, finds the lost entries and my transposing errors. She stays with it until she finds the solution.  She makes the effort, has the passion and is determined to make the checkbook right.
All this to say that I’ve been thinking about the effort, passion and persistence of those peacefully protesting and how they are trying to make things right.  I’m also reflecting on my effort, passion and persistence to become more faithful.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:21
“His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been trustworthy in a few things, I will put you in charge of
many things; enter into the joy of your master.”

Reflection Questions:
What is God doing in your life?
What are you most persistence about in your life?
What does it mean for you to hear the words “Well done,
good and faithful servant?”

Prayer: Holy God, let me be passionate about what you are
doing in my life and let me stay focused on living the more
excellent way. Amen.

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