Advent Reading for December 1, 2021
by Trudy Cooke Hall

Luke 1:78-79
By the tender mercy of our God,  the dawn from on high will break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.

These are the final two verses from “the song of Zachariah”. Zachariah serves as a priest in the temple and these words are recorded as the first words spoken following his being struck mute and deaf during the pregnancy of his wife, Elizabeth.
Zachariah, “filled with the Spirit of God”, is prophesying the future life mission of his infant son, John, whom we know from scripture as John the Baptist.
Here we are reminded that all the coming events, (the birth and life plan of the Messiah), are directed by and fully within God’s merciful design for humanity. The Messiah will come.  He will become (and IS) the Light, the perfect example of living life — for each and everyone, through every age and time. The ultimate purpose of God-Jesus coming to earth is to provide the map/plan for living; to provide the way of restoring each individual’s relationship between God and humanity. This Light will guide us ‘every step of the way’ along the path of peace.

Peace – such a complex word/concept! It can encompass personal serenity, tranquility. One can use it to describe harmony in relationships: personal, family, community, global. True peace can only be found as we seek to follow The Light. As one hymn encourages: “Come, live in the Light.”  Jesus promises that “peace that passes understanding.” Deep. Rich. Full.

So perhaps that is our Advent (and beyond) challenge:
to pursue peace, as we daily strive towards more Christ-like living.
to reflect the Christ-light to all with whom we interact with daily.

Reflection Questions: 
How can I welcome the Lord of Light into all my moments daily?
How am I pursuing the paths of peace?

Prayer:  Gracious Lord, we humbly thank you for revealing your plan of love through Jesus, who is the Light for our “living-path”.
“Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace”…this day.   Amen