Advent Reading for December 18, 2021
by Abbie Robinson

Isaiah 61: 1-4
“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is upon me”

Some say that Isaiah’s mission or purpose was to call the nation of Judah back to God and announce God’s salvation through the Messiah. Isaiah was considered a great prophet but sometimes unpopular as is the case when you are telling someone something they may not want to hear! In many ways it is not much different in today’s world with so many competing priorities and messages. I find it amusing yet comforting that not much has changed in 2000+ years; but that is the way God works!

So as we find ourselves among the joy and stress of the “season” and the world we live in, take comfort and know that we were given a gift and that we are meant to share that “good news” with the world.

Reflective Questions:
How do you know God is near? How do you share the good news?

Dear Lord, Help me to listen and be renewed as I trust and wait for you. Help me to rejoice in your love today and every day and to share your good news with others in my path. Amen