December 2, 2020 –Advent

Prayer:Holy God, speak to all that keeps me from listening.
Speak to me an Advent message. I sit expectant to hear.
Word of God, speak.  Amen. 

Scripture Reading: Romans 15:4-9
There is a very old story about a little boy who was given a priceless possession, his deceased grandfather’s gold pocket watch.  How he treasured it.  But one day while playing at his father’s business he lost the watch amid the inventory.  He searched and searched, becoming frantic, but no watch.  Then he suddenly realized what he had to do.  He stopped scurrying around and became very still.  In the silence he heard the watch ticking and found what he thought he had lost. Our invitation is for you to settle in the silence and listen.
During this first week of Advent, hope has appeared a prevailing notion in our daily reflection. Surely, that is providential more so than accidental. In common usage hope means “a strong desire for something which may be possible but is not quite certain or probable.”  In the Greek the word means “confident expectation.” Interestingly, the word also means “to welcome.” Hope means to welcome; that’s something for deeper reflection.
What we recognize is that the hope we speak is something different from our ordinary usage.  The hope we speak is something we wait for expectantly and patiently, because we know hope never disappoints us.  We have this confident expectation because our hope is based upon what we know of God, and because we know God through what God has done. So our hope is not the projection of our desires upon an unknown future, but the product in us of God’s acts in history. Hope is the expectation of those things which faith believes to be promised by God. Could it be that hope does not originate out experiences, but from the promise of new experiences?

Reflection Question:
How can you stop scurrying about and listen for God to come and renew?
What new experiences do you anticipate?
What does it mean to find yourself in a place of preparedness?

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