I read a story about a man who was stranded all alone, shipwrecked on a desert island.  He had been there for a number of months trying to survive, hoping some ship would sail close enough to notice him and rescue him.
Eventually, that happened.  The crew on a ship did notice something and sent a small boat to check things out. They discovered the man. As the small boat landed on shore, the man ran down to the beach to greet the rescue party. It was such a joyous occasion. He was being rescued!
As those from the rescue party greeted the man, they also noticed all the buildings that had been built on the island. They asked the man, “Are you here all alone.” To which the man replied yes.  “Then why so many different small buildings along the shore. Why all these buildings?”
The man responded. “Well, it’s been a long time. I had to keep busy. So that building there (pointing) is where I slept. That building over there is where I would spend the day. That building is where I fixed my food. That building is where I went to church.” And pointing to another building, he said, “And that is where I used to go to church.”
I know that for some it feels like you’ve been stranded on a desert island. This Covid-19 experience has gone on too long and it’s still not over but thankfully the end is in sight. As I was pondering I realized that we have each other. No matter what we have experience we are a community which surrounds one another with compassion and encouragement that lessens our load, strengthens us, and gives us the courage to keep living Christ-like. So I guess that means we’re stuck together because of the choice we’ve made to live Christ-like. Truthfully, you are the greatest blessing and we are grateful for you.

Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 3:8
“Finally, be all of one mind, be loving toward one another, be gracious, and be kind.”

Reflection Questions:
How will you be more loving, gracious and kind to one another?
How does the encouragement of another lessen your stress, difficulties or struggle?
For you, what is the best thing about Pine Shores?

Prayer: Holy God, for the caring, encouragement, support and friendship of all those in my life I pause to give thanks.  They make my life better.  Amen.

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