Sometimes, okay most of the time, I just shake my head at the lunacy I listen to. I’m not just talking about the noise on the TV screens.  The lunacy often results in rubbing the top of my head, which I learned actually messes up my hair. Sitting on my desk is “Conspiracy Theories – A Primer.” It is written by associate professor of political science at the University of Miami, Joseph E. Uscinski.  The subject of conspiracy theory seems timely and culturally relevant and I’m convinced that a better understanding of the psychology and sociology of conspiracy theories will be helpful to me in dealing with it. So, here is what Uscinski wrote for you to ponder. “Conspiracy theories are a part of the human condition. Everyone believes at least one, but given the number of conspiracy theories, it is more likely that everyone believes a few. Some people have a worldview defined by them. Conspiracy theories are just another reminder that people disagree about many things, including truth. These disagreements have always existed and always will. We have to live with conspiracy theories in with the people who believe them. The only way to do this is to have compassion and tolerance for others, and to hold our own believes to high standards. It would be no small victory if more people were self-aware of their prejudices. Education should always be a priority: teaching people to be critical thinkers will lead to better beliefs”
Scripture Reading:   Proverbs: 12:22 
“Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act
faithfully are the Lord’s delight.”

Reflection Questions:
How do you react to Uscinski’s quote?
What conspiracy theories do you believe?
What do you need to become more self-aware of your prejudices?

Prayer: Holy God, I trust that compassion and tolerance for others is a faithful path to take, so when I’m not listening well or responding in helpful ways, remind me what delights you.  Amen.

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