My intention for today was to reflect upon disappointment. I anticipated that it would be a relevant and very timely topic. The truth is even with the GOAT (Tom Brady), I convinced myself that there was little to no chance for the hometown team to pull off a miracle.  So, I thought, what better way “to work through my disappointment” than to reflect and email it to you to read. Sharing stories matter.  The etymology of disappointment means “defeat or failure of hope or expectation.” Wow, (not at the definition) but rather the final score – Bucs 31 and the KC Chiefs 9 – that kind of score has a name to it.  My disappointment shifted to delight. According to the research firm Neilsen, overall, there was a total of 148.5 million people who watched at least part of the game across several channels and streaming outlets. For Americans, Super Bowl Sunday is the second-biggest eating day of the year (Thanksgiving is the first) and not surprisingly, 52.4% of Americans think that Super Bowl Monday should be a National holiday. By the way there are 17 million people calling in sick today. I seriously thought about taking the day off to recover but do I really need to recover from delight?  (Yes, there is a point. So, be patient I’m about to get there.) In the Hebrew there is a word for delight and it means “to bend toward.”  I think that’s a rich image for us to hold on our hearts
I delighted at the big win but more importantly I’m delighted because  we’ll be “bending toward God’s word and God’s way” with a 4 week adult faith opportunity, led by Rev. Dr Paul Reiter, in which we’ll be in conversation about Racism. We’ll be using The Christian Century guide “Acting Against Racism.” We would be delighted to have you join the conversation. If you are interested email Karen at

Scripture Reading: Psalm 37:4
“Take delight in the Lord, and the Lord will give you the desires of your heart.”

Reflection Questions:
Who’s your favorite player or person?
What does your heart desire?
What is the purpose of delight?

A bonus question: What is your definition of equity?  (Perhaps a conversation question for tomorrow.)

Prayer: Holy God, let me delight in your word, your way and your wonder so I may be filled with joy. Amen.

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