In working on the sermon for this past Sunday, I came upon an article written by Dr. Rich Rogers, pastor of Jentezen Franklin’s Connection and Discipleship Free Chapel OC in Gainesville, Georgia (There is no endorsement here – even subconsciously) – so don’t go all wild on me and check out the website or anything. I’ll know if you did.  What I discovered is that with minimal effort it is apparent that there is a range of opinions as to the accuracy of the percentages listed below. So I am not arguing the numbers, I am merely crediting Rogers for the quote. What I also realized is that regardless of the numbers/percentages, there is substance in what is being presented. Rogers writes: “Here are a few very simple facts about the human brain:

We remember roughly 40% of what we hear, 60% of what we hear and see, 70% of what we hear, see and discuss, and 85-90% of what we hear, see, discuss and experience.

But we remember between 95-100% of what we hear, see, discuss, experience and attach to in a meaningful or emotional way.”

How about that visual aid?
If there is truth that most of our delivery systems never get past the teach-and-discuss level (60 percent) but if you add a video, you have possibly made it to the 70 percent level, it forces me to think about my strategies, style and ultimately effectiveness as it relates to communicating and leading.  My approach seems to hover around 65% (which means I’d be on perpetual parole.)   You might be tempted to chuckle a bit but I don’t perceive myself being “an old guy” but that may not necessarily be true about my methods. I may be older than I perceive myself to be.   There is a proverb that I hold close (because it’s a good reminder) and it goes something like this “when you don’t know what to do – you do what you know.” That may not be a good thing because what if the things I know aren’t as effective as they once were? How do we better share Good News with discerning and demanding listeners?

Scripture Reading: 1 John 1:5
“This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”

Reflection Questions:
How do you best listen and learn?
When it comes to church and since Covid-19 what have you missed most and what have you not missed at all?
Who needs to see the light of Christ shining in you?

Prayer: Holy God, let me be more open to new ways of sharing and encourage me to keep shining the light of the One who dwells  in me. Amen.

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