Shared by Andy & Barbara Faber

As a new year begins, we search and search.  We spend much of our lives looking to fill the empty spaces or our hearts and spirit. All too easily, we find heartbreak, pain and anxiety, worry and disappointment. And yet we regularly repeat these Quixotic quests to our own detriment.  We pray for God’s intervention, yet all too frequently we attempt- with all good intention- to impose our own solutions onto others and ourselves, thinking we know best.
We forget that letting go and letting God, works.  It works because it is supposed to work!  We forget or chose to ignore this lesson countless times, to the detriment of others and ourselves. When do we choose to truly learn and weave this lesson into our daily lives?
Our Pine Shores family is a manifestation of God’s love to allow us to trust, understand and grow (often with mistakes) during these awkward chapters of our all too human flawed lives.

 ScriptureMatthew 6:27
“Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?”

Reflection Questions:
What are 3 issues I worry about or that I seek, goals that
have not been met? Why do I want or need them?
Why does this cause me frustration or disappointment?
What am I seeking from others or myself to fill these empty
places of my heart?

Today I will strive to let go of wants, needs and anxieties that are causing me frustration and pain. I ask for your strength and guidance to let go, to trust in You, to bring me the true desires of my heart in Your time and in Your way.

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