Blogger Isacc Breese writes… Sometimes we just aren’t LISTENING. People often say God speaks in mysterious ways but those who say this may just have a hard time listening. I would argue the way God speaks isn’t mysterious at all but rather simple, we just have to be present. Too often we look to prayer to solve all of our problems instead of focusing on meditation. We always feel the need to voice our concerns to God constantly telling God what we need forgetting God already knows. Instead of repeatedly making attempts to be heard, we should be listening to what God has to say. A lot of our prayers we think go unanswered can simply be attributed to our unwillingness to be silent. How can you hear what someone has to say if they can’t get a word in? If we just listen to God we will be able to hear what God has to say and find out God always answers prayers we just weren’t quiet enough to receive the message. But listening is more than just being quiet; listening is about being present. Have you ever gone to hear someone speak and after the event was over you can barely recall what they said?  One reason is our attention span and the fact we simply can’t retain all that information. However, the main reason we are unable to comprehend the information given to us is we weren’t present.
When you are present you give your undivided attention to whoever or whatever is in your presence at that very moment. When you meditate clear out all thoughts you have running around in your head to make room to hear what you need to hear — God’s voice.

Scripture Reading: Mark 4:24
“And he said to them, “Pay attention to what you hear; the measure you give will be the measure you get, and still more will be given you.”

Reflection Questions:
How is your prayer life?
What does “listening is about being present” mean to you?
How do you make room to hear God’s voice?

Prayer: Holy God, help me to be make room so I will listen to your voice. In hearing you let me respond with a greater faithfulness. Amen.