Did you ever hear about the ungrateful woman at the beach who had a little child with her? The child was too close to the water, and a big wave came in. By the time the water went back into the sea, the woman realized her son was missing. She looked all around for her little boy and cried out, “Melvin…Melvin…where are you, Melvin?” She realized he had been swept out to sea.
So she prayed, “Oh, dear and merciful Father, please…please…take pity on me and return my beautiful child. I will promise eternal gratitude to you…I’ll never cheat on my income tax again. I’ll be kind to my mother-in-law.  I’ll give up smoking…Anything…Anything… only please grant me this one favor and return my son.” Just then the next wave washed in, and there he was, safe and sound. Then she looked up to God and says, “But he had a hat!”
Billy Graham once wrote, “Ingratitude and thanklessness are far too common. Common courtesy is scorned. We take for granted the ways that others help us. Above all, we fail to thank God for God’s blessings.  Ingratitude is a sin, just as surely as is lying or stealing or any other sin condemned by the Bible. An ungrateful heart is a heart that is cold toward God and indifferent to all of God’s people.  It is a heart that has forgotten how dependent we are on God for everything.” Ingratitude has a disturbing influence in how we live our lives.

Scripture Reading: Psalm 107
“O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever.”

Reflection Questions:
Why is ingratitude disturbing?
What are you thankful for today?
Why is being indifferent to others unhealthy for you?

Prayer: Holy God, keep my eyes open to the many ways you have blessed my life. Let this day and all the days that follow be filled with the life giving power of gratitude.  Amen