Each night we gather with the youth in the hallway to discuss the day.  We start our time together asking each one to tell us their “high” for the day and their “low” for the day.  Preacher Damian won hands down when it came to their “high” for the day.  He is engaging, energetic and touched upon topics that a lot of us preachers shy away from in the pulpit. Last night’s sermon was titled, Smart Phone – No Charger. Catchy title I must say.  Here is what he basically said — a smart phone is worthless without power.  It cannot function. It has no use and it will eventually die if is not charged.  He then went on to say that we human beings are like a smart phone in that the further away we get from our power source (God) the weaker we get.  We need God to power us, to build us up. If we do not have our power source eventually we too will die.  The question that he raise is, “How can we sustain ourselves if we are not connected to God?”  What does being connected to God mean to you?  What does it look like?  The simple truth is when we are disconnected from God we forget who we are.

Scripture Reading      Jeremiah 29:11
For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.
Reflection Questions:
What plans do you think God has for you?
What was your “high” for the day?
How are you connecting to God?

Prayer: Creator God, thank you for this day with its “highs” and its “lows”. I look forward to tomorrow and all the possibilities that will come my way.  Amen.