For this evening’s reading, Kiley asked some of our youth what their favorite part has been so far at Montreat Youth Conference, and what they’ve gotten out of our time here.
Elizabeth Natherson- I have really enjoyed the sermons every night. The messages have really made me think a lot about my purpose. I love my small group. The people are great and since it is smaller this year the conversations have meaning. We had a great day in Black Mountain! I got to go to my favorite coffee shop and we all had great pizza for dinner. I’m going to miss this place next year!
Ken Kaiser- I’ve learned to be more open to people and accepting of those different than me. I’ve also learned that my weaknesses bring me closer to others. I loved going to the swimming hole.
Lindsey Merrick- My favorite part has been the connections I’ve made in small group. I’ve learned that faith is about what you don’t know, and that my voice matters.
Anthony Quevedo- What I’ve gotten out of this week was that relying on my own abilities isn’t enough and I have to have faith and depend on a higher power that is greater than me. Also, I’ve learned my necessities will be taken care of so I can “handle the towel” and put other’s needs before myself. My favorite part has been going out for dinner to get pizza, hiking Lookout Mountain, and small group.
Kamryn Barker- My favorite part has been the pastor who leads evening worship. His energy is solid. Small group is fun because the people are cool. My brain is filled with knowledge and I’ve been taking a lot of notes in my phone. Another one of my favorite parts is hanging out with our youth group.
Malee Youssef- I’ve learned that we are not all the same and from the same backgrounds and you have to accept the fact. My favorite part of the week so far has been hiking big papa (Lookout Mountain).
Savannah Fortune- The pastor has been amazing and it feels like he is talking directly to me. It’s been fun hanging out with my small group. On our free afternoon we went to Black Mountain and shopped around and ate pizza.

Scripture Reading    John 13:1-15

Reflection Questions:
How are you living out your faith to serve others?
Who is someone you need to reconnect with?
What is our job to ensure we stay connected to God?

Prayer: Loving God, we give thanks for our youth and their growth in their faith journeys. We ask you to fill our hearts with love so we can share it with others. Amen.