It’s Friday and enjoy.  A mother was seeing her 8 year-old son off to school one morning. She walked him to the bus stop where they waited patiently; the bus came and her son got on the school bus. The mother proceeded to go home so she could get ready to go to work. About 15 minutes later the doorbell rang and it was her son at the front door. She was shocked to see him since she just got him on the school bus, then she noticed the school bus with its door open, in front of her house. The mother asked her son, “What are you doing back home?” Her 8 year-old son said, “I’m quitting school, it’s too hard, it’s too boring, and it’s too long.” The mother looked at him and said, “That’s life, now get back on the bus.”

Scripture Reading: 2 Timothy 2:23
“Have nothing to do with stupid and senseless controversies; you know that they breed quarrels…”

Reflection Questions:
How is life going for you?
Can a controversy be senseless to you but matter to someone else?
How do you determine if the controversy is senseless?

Prayer: Holy God, help me to put my energy and effort into living the more excellent way.  Keep me mindful of others and what matters to them so I can be respectful to the gift of diversity. Amen.