by Kiley Pritchard – Youth Director

I recently read something that said, “dogs are God’s way of showing us what unconditional love can be here on Earth.” Of course we may experience unconditional love from our family, friends, and partners- but for some of us, our pets become a part of our family. I have two dogs, Mae and Kona, who I tend to treat like my children (since I don’t have any of my own yet). They live the best doggone lives; lying in the sun, eating their favorite treats, belly rubs, and lots of fetch with the tennis ball. But what can we really learn from our fury family members? Dogs are loyal, protective, compassionate, and loving. They teach us patience, usually in ways that test us to our core. Dogs love us unconditionally when we feel we don’t deserve it, and help us feel less alone. Jesus is also loyal, protective, compassionate, patient, and loving. He too loves unconditionally and helps us feel less alone.  In Jesus’ days, He used animals such as sheep and donkeys to illustrate and help us visualize spiritual messages. Since we are so close to our pets in today’s world, I believe dogs can demonstrate His truths and messages.

Every time I come home, my dogs are there waiting for me by the door with a full-body tail wag. They don’t care how long I’ve been gone, or where I’ve been, they’re just so happy to see me. This reminds me of Jesus’ love for us. He is always there, open arms and waiting for us to return back to him. I truly believe God gave us dogs to see glimpses of Him in our daily lives, and the bond we share with our pets are an expression of divine love. Maybe dogs really are God’s way of showing us what unconditional love looks like on Earth.

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Scripture Reading: Job 12:10
“In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of every human being.”

Reflection Questions:
What has a dog/pet taught you?
Where do you receive unconditional love?
What does unconditional love look like to you?

Holy God, we give thanks for all your creations and the way they impact us. We are grateful for your unconditional love and those in our lives who show us love in other ways. Amen.