The Council continues our Appreciative Inquiry conversation by exploring the questions: When was Pine Shores the biggest blessing in your life? What uniqueness would you like Pine Shores to carry forward over the next 5 years? If Jesus came and visited Pine Shores in 5 years, what would he be most pleased about?  Two elders shared the thoughts with us at the June meeting.  One of the elders shared that Pine Shores has been a blessing to him by providing him opportunities to serve, lead and help others. He would like to carry forward this commitment to service by helping others in our community, including helping with social justice issues. The second elder expressed that Pine Shores has been a blessing by being there as support for her and her family during times of stress. She feels Pine Shores is, and needs to continue to be, a place where variety and diversity are welcomed and we need to continue to embrace the differences we find. She feels Pine Shores will make the changes necessary to continue to welcome all those who are in need. If you have not already thought about your answer to these questions, we invite you to spend some time reflecting on them and perhaps even sharing your answers with a few friends and family.  (We also invite those of you who belong to another community to also ponder, answer and share. These are more than interesting question. They’re important ones.  Just replace Pine Shores by inserting the name of your church or community, and let the pondering occur.)

Scripture Reading: Exodus 33:14
“He said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Reflection Questions:
What causes your stress?
How do you sense God’s presence going with you?
Where do you go to find stillness?

Prayer: Holy God, keep me attuned to how you are present in my life. Fill me will faithful rest, so I can be attuned and more helpful to the needs of others.  Amen.