I recently finished reading a paper by Anneke Sools in which she presents the concept of future-oriented what-if listening. It’s a pretty intriguing notion and basically a way of imagining future possibilities. (Her research question in the Aspiring to Healthy Living Project centered on current initiatives for encouraging and maintaining healthy lifestyles and resilience as well as preventing and treating illness.) So, her paper is not very applicable but the concept of imagining future possibilities is very relevant.  She writes, “Imagine for a moment one so simplified in her living, so spacious in his heart, that this one now has room within for you – in your hurt and in your weakness and in your fear not only room for you, but growing room for others – in their need and in their weakness and in their fear and not only room for them, but growing room for a world of need and weakness and fright.”
Here is our invitation to you. Can you imagine Pine Shores as a place where your call is to care more deeply for others in their need and weakness and fear?  Can you imagine Pine Shores as a place where we expect each other to embody our purpose – to own our call – to share our gifts for caring, for teaching, for leading, for serving, for giving, for making music, for sewing?  Imagine, here in this place we are expected, encouraged, equipped and empowered to use those gifts in  meaningful and tangible ways. Can we imagine Pine Shores as a community of faith able to reach out to more and more people offering them God’s love? Now just for a moment longer… can you imagine your life becoming such an ever-growing place for others?

Scripture Reading: John 8:12
“When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Reflection Questions:
What can you imagine as possible in your future?
How are you embodying your purpose?
How can you become an ever-growing place for others?

Prayer: Holy God, help me envision what is possible. Let me make room for those in need. I want to shine light – your light so others see a future. Amen.