A Rabbi tells a story of the good fortune of a hardworking farmer.  As it goes, “the Lord appeared to this farmer and granted him three wishes, but the catch was that whatever the Lord did for the farmer double would be given to his neighbor.  The farmer was thrilled, and wished for a hundred cattle.  Immediately the wish was granted and the farmer was ecstatic until he saw that his neighbor had 200.  So he wished for a hundred acres of land, and again he was overjoyed until he saw that his neighbor had 200. Rather than celebrating God’s goodness, the farmer could not escape the feeling of jealousy and being cheated because his neighbor had received more than he had.  Finally, he stated his third wish: that God would strike him blind in one eye.  And God wept.”
After hearing an update regarding a current situation, I sat on my thinking chair pondering a friend who’s not been treated fairly by the powers to be.  We hurt for her and can’t do much about the situation. So we are as supportive and caring as we can for her and as distant and disengaged from the power plays, process and people whose hypocrisies and legalisms are preventing a redemptive resolution. We are not naive about the complexity of the situation.  She is not the only one involved. What we do know is she is more than competent; she is gifted. She is effective with a wide variety of people and ages.  She’s a great mom. She’s not perfect – none of us (well maybe one of the Wismers is pretty close. You have to decide which one) is but that does not justify the treatment she’s been receiving.  No one can blame COVID for this one. She has more goodness on the ledger and maybe it’s a generalization to say we all have or at a minimum know someone just like her. The question I struggle with is what can I do? I realize no matter what happens sides will be taken and this may result in God weeping again.

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 23:18
“Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off.”

Reflection Questions:
What do you wish for?
How are you celebrating God’s goodness to you and all you love?
What do you think causes God to weep?

Prayer: Holy God, receive my confession for the times I’ve miss the mark and failed to honor you by not helping those in need. Keep me mindful that your mercy gives me new opportunities to live and share your goodness. Amen.

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