Sorry for yesterday’s computer glitch. (It’s not as if I have control over all things.)  I suggest you read this twice to make up for yesterday’s absence. (For those of you who did not realize there was no daily reading emailed to you– Well… eventually, I will get over it.)  I remembered a Hebridean prayer found in the ruins on an ancient alter, somewhere off the northwest coast of Scotland.  It’s one of those songs, actually I believe it’s a prayer which is stuck in my brain. “Even though the day be laden and my task dreary and my strength small, a song keeps singing in my heart.  For I know that I am Thine. I am part of Thee. Thou art kin to me, and all my times, all my times, are in Thy hands.”  Looking back, I did offer this on an earlier daily reading. My focus then was on the phrase… “a song keeps singing in my heart.” I wrote: so the song which keeps singing in my heart reminds me there are outcomes that escape my sights but not God’s.  There are possibilities in situations I do not see but God sees, – because in faith, God can draw from me right actions which can provide a future with less fear and more goodness, compassion and justice. Today, my strength is small. That’s the phrase I’m focused on because I feel wearisome.  What causes my steadfastness to become depleted? It’s not because I’m lacking nourishment or nutrients in my diet or within community. Nor is it because I’m sleeping poorly or is my rest filled with anxiety. I’m not bored – way too much excitement around here.  I needed to sit back on my thinking chair and stay quiet for longer than usual.  I’ll become disheartened (perhaps to the point of sickened) of the resentment, disrespect and the persistent ill-will toward others. The way we treat each other is life-draining and the result is disengagement which leads toward uncaring. So what do I do when I get to the “leave me alone” place when my day be laden and my task dreary and my strength small and there is no song in my heart?  Maybe I should heed my own words “faithfulness invites me to commit myself to right actions” and right actions even in a wearisome body is what God requires of me.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 25:40
“And the king will answer them, ‘Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these you did it to me.’”

Reflection Questions:
What causes your steadfastness to become depleted?
Are your attitudes toward others right? (Okay – I see your displeasure in the word “right.”) So how about is God pleased with your attitude toward others?
What disheartens you?

Prayer: Holy God, let me remember I am rooted and grounded in love so when my day be laden and my task dreary and my strength small, you still invite of me to respond with right action.  Amen