Yesterday, I was interrupted by an unknown walk-in who asked to see “a pastor.”  Usually it’s code for “I need financial assistance”. I was not happy for the disturbance and the lack of details did not help my attitude. I was a bit hesitant to deal with an unknown situation but since I had lost my focus on the task I was trying to accomplish, I went begrudgingly down the hall.  The visitor introduced himself and shared briefly some of his story.  He didn’t ask for any money nor was there any indication he even needed assistance.  He talked about his youngest son who was part of Troop 50 and how thankful he was for the leadership of the troop and how helpful they were in assisting his son achieve the Eagle Scout Award. (Apparently moving in the middle of the achieving one’s Eagle Scout Award make things more complicated.)  He also attends a couple meetings on campus each week and wanted to thank Pine Shores for providing “sanctuary” for the neighborhood and community. He wanted us to know he is grateful for Pine Shores, for who we are and what we do and to let us personally know what we do for him and what we do for others makes a difference. It was about a 3 minute or so exchange and after we bid each other farewell, he left. In the evening this encounter put me on my thinking chair and as I ponder. I wanted to be suspicious or cynical of the encounter and him.  (Unbecoming, I know.)   But there was a lingering thought (of golf ball proportion) that would not go away inviting me toward realizing any action, natural or intentional, like caring or being kind or showing respect and understanding or creating sacred space or providing sanctuary or (and the list goes on and on…) has value beyond expectation and perhaps realization.  Whether I think about it or not what I do (or do not do) ripples outward and impacts others. Have a healthy and helpful impact on someone today. That’s the invitation for each of us. Share some goodness.

Scripture Reading: Romans 12:13
“Contribute to the needs of the saints; extend hospitality to strangers.”

Reflection Questions:
How are you contributing to the needs of others?
How have you made a difference in someone’s life?
What does hospitality mean to you?

Prayer: Holy God, keep me mindful that I always get to choose how to respond to the intrusions of others. Lessen my tendency to quickly judge others.  Let me share goodness. Amen.