There is a story, perhaps fictional, about the great industrialist Andrew Carnegie. He started his career with little money and power. Through shrewd business moves, he amassed one of the huge fortunes of history. By mid-life, he stayed pretty much to himself. He traveled in his own private railroad car, and he allowed no one near him except his valet. Carnegie would board his train in the evening, grab his favorite cigar and newspaper, and order the butler to remain silent. No conversation was to take place unless Carnegie initiated it. One evening just as Carnegie had settled in with his paper and cigar, the valet approached timidly and said, “Excuse me, Mr. Carnegie,” Carnegie looked up and said, “What! Is the train on fire?” “No sir,” said the valet. “Well, then, silence!” Carnegie ordered. A few minutes passed and the valet approached him again. “Don’t say a word!” said Carnegie. “But sir, you’re going to have to get off of this car!” said the valet. By now Carnegie was furious. He spat out the cigar and scattered the paper. He thundered, “And what is wrong with this car?” “There’s nothing wrong with this car, sir,” replied the valet. “It just not connected to anything!” The story goes that Carnegie broke up in laughter. Later, the incident caused him to take a good look at his life. He was wealthy, powerful, and mostly alone. He never knew if someone liked him or just wanted his money. Having acquired so much through subterfuge, he suspected everyone else of the same intentions. He realized that he was much like his private train car – he wasn’t tied on to anything at all.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:21
“ …for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Reflection Questions:
How are you attaching yourself to Christ?
What treasures are in your heart?
Do you need to reconnect with someone?

Prayer: Holy God, keep me interested so I can look at the needs of others and embody a presence of compassion and share words of encouragement. Let me think like you so that I can respond like you. Amen.