Theologian Daniel Scheid offers a prayerful approach to an expansive way of thinking, what he calls the “cosmic common good”: The cosmic common good provides a larger moral perspective, but it also exhorts us to “sink our roots deeper” into our native place and to work for the good of our place on Earth. The cosmic common good enjoins us to adopt and intensify the many Earth-oriented personal daily choices and movements for structural change with which we are already familiar, for example reducing consumption and energy use, eating less or no meat, minimizing our dependence on automobiles. . . .Sinking our roots in our native place on this fertile Earth, but with the larger perspective of the cosmic common good, may we become like the righteous, “like a tree planted near streams of water, that yields its fruit in season,” whose “leaves never wither,” and “whatever [we do] prospers” (Psalm 1:3–4). May the larger perspective of the cosmic common good inspire us to live and to work for the good of all members of this vast and wondrous cosmos:
for the poor, the vulnerable, and all those imperiled;
for the contexts in which creatures flourish, and for the greater wholes of which they are a part;
for the order in creatures, by which they glorify the Creator;
for the good that creatures provide to other creatures;
for the good of the order of creatures, by which the cosmos is sustained;
for the emergent universe and the communion of subjects;
for the solidarity that binds us to all creatures;
for the promotion of justice for all creatures;
for the sacred that lies in the innermost being in all creatures;
for greater nonviolence and peace;
for the interdependence that shines like a jewel within all creatures;
for all of our relations above, below, and around us;
and for the land and this plot of Earth by which creatures come to discover the cosmos at home.

Scripture Reading: Psalm 1:3
“They are like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their
fruit in its season, 
and their leaves do not wither. In all that they
do, they prosper.”

Reflection Questions:
What does “cosmic common good” mean to you?
What will help you sink your roots deeper for the common good?
What daily choice will you adopt to help creation thrive?

Prayer: Holy God, open me to the wonders that will appear before me. Enlarge my willingness to live and to work for the good of all members of this vast and wondrous cosmos. Amen