I read a story about a guy named Harry Cain. He was famous in his hometown for his God-given ability to catch good-sized trout. Harry loved to take Ben, the teenager of his best friend, with him because in Maine you can catch a limit of only five brook trout per day and Ben rarely caught any, which meant Harry could catch ten. Ben didn’t seem to mind. Harry would usually hook one for Ben and let him
reel it in.
Ben remembered one sunny day while fishing with Harry. He got his line caught so badly in a tree stump that he lost his hook and bait. He threw his rod, sat down on the bank, and watched the water go by. Harry came over to help him get set up again. Ben pulled his face out of his hands and looked at Harry’s hip where he had a bounty of four beautiful trout hanging on a stick through his belt-loop. He finally asked Harry, “Why can’t I catch any fish? I don’t think the fish like my bait.”
Harry laughed a bit and looked down at the water. “It’s not the bait, it’s not the fish, it’s where you’re standing … look, you’re casting your shadow right into the fishing hole and it’s scaring them. The fish are there and they are hungry, but it matters where you stand.”
We just want you to remember – it matters where you stand and God invites us to stand with others.

Scripture Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:11
“Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.”

Reflection Questions:
Who have been your best encouragers?
How have you helped build up someone?
What have you been doing for God these days?

Prayer: Holy God, I stand on the promises of your love. Strengthen me so I can be more encouraging to others. Amen.

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