Yesterday the story was about the importance of where you stand. The story for today reminds us how we view things.
There’s a story about a couple who stopped at a trading post on highway 191 just a bit north of Chinle, AZ.  They were on an extended vacation that would finally take them to the Grand Canyon, a bucket list location. While at the trading post they were looking at a rug woven by an old Navajo woman. “Do you like it?” asked the wife. “It’s horrible,” said the man, not bothering to lower his voice so the woman who made it wouldn’t hear. “What is it, anyway? I can’t even tell what it is.”
The Navajo woman heard him and said, “You are looking at the wrong side, the picture is on the other side.” And indeed it was—a beautiful, artistically rendered vision of a Western sunset seen through the shadows and silhouettes of a wooded mountainside. The couple bought the rug, took it home and hung it over their mantle, where they enjoyed it for years.
The thought for today is that until you realized you are looking at the wrong side, you miss the real view.

Scripture Reading:  Mark 8:17-18
 “Do you have eyes, and fail to see? Do you have ears, and fail to hear? And do you not remember? ” 

Reflection Questions:
What have you been missing?
How are you looking at this Thanksgiving Day?
How do you deal with people who are not on your side?

Prayer: Holy God, when I look the wrong way and listen to the wrong voices, help me put my feet back on solid ground so I remember who I am. Amen.

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