Rev. Dr. Kathleen Weller

Gratitude has gained a cult following since David Steindl-Rast’s TED talk in 2013—with over 8 million views translated into 45 languages. He taught that gratitude leads one to happiness—a reversal of what most people believe – that “when I’m happy, then I’ll be grateful.”
He began by sharing the idea that every moment is a gift, so that if we’re breathing, we have a reason to be grateful.  He goes on to say that to live in gratitude… we only need to “Stop…Look…and Go…”and when we do, gratitude and happiness rise within us.
A few weeks ago my morning reading for the day was Psalm 23. My first thought (not always my best) and what I wrote in my journal was: “what new can this say to me?” Not a promising start.
But as I stopped (Stop, see above) the image of being led to ‘still water’ came to mind.  It was quickly followed by thoughts of places of still water I have known and loved (Look, see above).  I wrote: “Often I’ve been led to sacred water encounters. Reflection Lake, Northside Park, the Transatlantic crossing, the Fox River, streams, even fountains. Water restores my soul. Water, that essential element blesses and heals me. With-out trying Lord, I have found Your goodness and mercy in these memories. Each one an invitation to recall times and places You chose to bless me. Each, a reminder that You come to us uniquely. More times than I can count, You’ve revealed Yourself sparkling, gurgling and flowing.”  The rest of my day was filled with remembrances and gratitude.
An occupational hazard is that I always consider Psalm 23 a funeral Psalm. On this day however, it was a birthing Psalm. Gratitude born in me, now to be shared. (Go, see above) Grateful.

Scripture Reading: Psalm 23
“He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul.”     

Reflection Questions:
What is your favorite phrase from this iconic Psalm?
How has God used it to bless you?
Where is your favorite water spot?

Prayer: O God who gives us Living Water, quench us this night.  Amen.

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