At some point in this decade, we will be getting some renovations done in our kitchen. One of the Wismers is thrilled; the other one not so, but is very supportive of the one who is thrilled.  We have realized we have a problem…which is we don’t have a good vision. It’s not in our brains’ wiring. How many kitchen design magazines can you read? A white cabinet is a white cabinet regardless if its style is country, European, contemporary or modern. But that’s not the point. It’s the lack of vision that put me in my thinking chair. What happens when you are incapable of seeing what’s out in front of you? Well, I’m guessing nothing which means the kitchen just doesn’t get remodeled. If we merely continue to be surrounded by inaction and indecision we accomplish nothing. It’s been said, “purpose is knowing and understanding what we were born to accomplish, and vision is when you conceive it in your mind by faith and begin to live it out. Vision is a glimpse of your future that God has purposed for you.” Vision derived from values. Aubrey Malpurs, in his classic book Advanced Strategic Planning, says that “vision encourages unity, creates energy, fosters risk taking, enhances leadership and promotes excellence.” Vision is the power of seeing; it is an idea, an image, a dream or possibility for the future. Vision is the ability to imagine. What are you seeing?  What’s stirring up in you?

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 24:14
“Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, you will find a future, and your hope will not be cut off.”
Reflection Questions:
What kind of future does God have for you?
What decision do you need to make?
What does vision derived from your values mean to you?
Prayer: Holy God, thank you for the gift of vision. Let my decisions be fruitful and accomplish much in me today. Amen