I sat in my thinking chair pondering this sentence: “Practically speaking, the map affirms that our actions, our choices, our connections bear more weight than we dare to believe.” 1   This is a seemingly obvious thought but I wonder, in context of an election with votes still being tallied and the results strikingly narrow, do not these words seem more haunting and prophetic? An election forces us to make a choice and we have cast our vote. I have a greater appreciation (or is it a greater concern) that after the election is decided our actions, our choices and our connections will have consequences. We are going to have to purposefully work at being less partisan and more open to finding a path we can take together living more Christ-like, loving our enemies, responding to evil non-violently, embracing the marginalized, embodying compassion, eliminating boundaries of exclusion, advocating for the economically depressed and living with the certainty that God desires justice, all of which are core values (actions) of the One we follow and the One whose spirit we declare lives within us all.
If there is truth “that our actions, our choices, our connections bear more weight than we dare to believe” then perhaps we need to focus on strengthening our belief that living more Christ-like actually matters. Christ-like living makes a difference and if we limit our belief that actions, choices and connections, (restated living more Chris-like) does not have a relevant impact or much significance we’ll dissolve into meaninglessness, become more partisan and the best we can hope for is remaining thinly connected. Affirm your priorities and dare to believe that your actions, choices and connections matter.

Scripture Reading: 2 Corinthians 5:17
“So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new!”

Reflection Questions:
Why did you vote the way you did?
What is causing the partisan divide?
How will you strengthen your beliefs that Christ-like living matters?

Prayer:  Holy God, grant me your life-giving Spirit, move my heart and the hearts of others that barriers which divide may dissolve, suspicions disappear, and hatred cease; heal our division, so we may live in peace with one another.  Amen.


 1 Thomas Keating

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