I heard a story about a family out for an adventure on a Sunday afternoon. Suddenly the two children strapped in the back seat shout out, “There’s a kitten back there on the side of the road. Mommy you must stop and pick it up.” The mom pretends not to hear.  The children say, “if you don’t it will die.” She thinks to herself, “The last thing we need is another scrounge animal around the house. We are not a zoo.”  “Are you going to just let it die?” She turns around pulls off on the side of the road. “You kids stay in the car” the father says as he gets out of the passenger side. He stoops to lift the little kitten. The mangy creature is just skin and bones, sore-eyed and full of fleas. When he reaches down to pick it up, with its last bit of energy the kitten bristles, baring tooth and claw… hissing! He grabs it by the scruff of the neck and carries it back to the car. “Don’t touch it,” he warns. “It probably has leprosy.”
They drive back home in silence. When they arrive the children give the kitten several baths, about a gallon of warm milk and then plead, “Can we let it stay in the house just for tonight? Tomorrow we’ll fix a place in the garage.”
“Sure,” the father mutters, “be my guest, why don’t you use our bedroom.”  They fix a comfortable bed fit for a queen. Several weeks pass. Then one day the father walks in, feels something rub against his leg, looks down and there is the cat. He reaches down carefully checking to see that no one is watching. When the cat sees his hand, it does not bare its claws and hiss, instead it arches its back to receive a caress.
Is that the same cat? No. It is not that same frightened, hurt, hissing creature on the side of the road. Of course not! And what made the difference?

Scripture Reading: John 6:27
“Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For it is on him that God the Father has set his seal.” 

Reflection Questions:
What are you working for?
How are you making a difference in the lives of others?
What is nourishing and reviving to you?

Prayer:  Holy God, keep me mindful of those in need and let me be gentle and generous as I respond. Use me to be a difference maker. Amen.

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