The security question for logging into one of my very useless accounts was “The first car you remember?” (I changed the question to “Your mother’s maiden name?” But that’s not the point.)  The question did get me thinking what was the first car imprinted in my developing brain. The answer came after a bit of time on my thinking chair. It was the Studebaker Lark Wagonaire. My father must have had a thing for Studebakers. I attached a link for you to check the Lark out   The Lark Wagonaire, “offered the ability to retract most of the steel covering over its cargo area, creating a practical open-air bed that added considerable usefulness to the already useful wagon body style. It also boasted an available tailgate-attached step for ease-of-entry.” It is now considered the first crossover vehicle. In December 1963, Studebaker shuttered its South Bend plant in 1963, ending the production of its cars and trucks in America. The company’s Hamilton, Ontario, facilities remained in operation until March 1966, when Studebaker shut its doors for the final time after 114 years in business.  (Where are you going with this?  Good question.)  Yes, today, it’s a message of encouragement. After a disappointment or failure keep trying to do your best. Remember your best is always good enough.

Scripture Reading: Ecclesiastes 3:1
“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter
under heaven:”

Reflection Questions:
What is something new needing to happen in your life?
How can you help someone who needs to find a firmer foundation?
How are you taking pleasure in your daily life?

Prayer: Holy God, in moments when I find myself discouraged or in a place unraveling, let me sense the encouragement to keep my feet on higher ground and always to do my best. Amen.