There was once a famous Bavarian-born British painter, pioneering film director, composer and artist named Sir Hubert von Herkomer.  Herkomer was born in the Black Forest, and his father was a simple woodchopper. He was a gifted artist and as his reputation grew, he moved to London and built a studio there.  He sent for his aged father, who came, full of pride for his son and lived with him. The old man enjoyed creating things out of clay, and he learned to make very beautiful bowls and vases, items of which he was very proud. So the father and the son were in business together as artisans.  But as the years passed, the old man’s abilities deteriorated, and at the end of the day, as he went upstairs, he would seem sad because he felt that his work was now inferior. Herkomer’s sharp eye detected this, and when his father was safely upstairs and asleep for the night, Herkomer would come downstairs and take the pieces that his father had left and he would gently correct the defects and the faults, and mold them a little one way or the other.  When the old man would come down in the mornings, he would hold up the pieces in the morning light, smile, and say, “I can still do it as well as I ever did.”

Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 16:14
“Let all that you do be done in love.”

Reflection Questions:
What are you doing well these days?
Who helps you do your best?
What makes you smile?

Prayer: Holy God, keep me attentive to doing my best. Use me to bring to others an opportunity to experience your goodness and let all I do be done in love. Amen.