Because of the pandemic, Presbyterian pastor and church consultant Sarai Rice makes an interesting observation. She believes that faith formation is shifting back to homes rather than remaining in church buildings.  She says, “If we have anything to learn from our neighbors of other traditions, we need holy objects, sanctified time, and ritual movements with which to encounter God in a way that is not mediated by others and whose appropriate location is our own home space.” Her observation got me thinking so I moseyed over to my thinking chair and pondered. “What do holy objects, sanctified time, and ritual movements look like in my home? What do they look like without the necessity or benefit of tradition, dogma and us paid professionals?”
I looked around to see my sacred objects that remind me, open me and then lead me toward those “thin places,” those moments where the mysterious presence of God pervades. I sit and wonder about the time when I intentionally choose to set aside to let God’s goodness permeate my spirit, the others and the world. I tarry with how I move, the conscious path and willful action of the heart, head and body that literally draws me closer toward God. I wonder how are you creating (or living in) a home that fosters the formation of a greater depth of faithfulness.

Scripture Reading: 1 Kings 6:31-32
“For the entrance to the inner sanctuary he made doors of olivewood; the lintel and the doorposts were five-sided. He covered the two doors of olivewood with carvings of cherubim, palm trees, and open flowers; he overlaid them with gold, and spread gold on the cherubim and on the palm trees.”

Reflection Questions:
What are your holy objects in your home?
How do you create sanctified time in your day?
What does it mean for you to ritually move?
What have you gained during this pandemic?

Prayer:  Holy God, lead me toward your mysterious presence and fill me with your goodness.  Let me understand the sounds of cherubims and be helpful to someone in need. Amen.

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