Yesterday, we asked, “What have you gained during this pandemic?” I’ve been sitting with that question and I realize that what I’ve gained is the blessing of the Wismers gathering around the table to eat together. It feels so familiar. It’s funny and at times frustrating.  As I look back some of the best memories are around the kitchen table – eating and drinking, arguing with family and friends. That old shaker table was passed on to me and now we’ve passed it on to the next generation.
Around the table all were welcomed and that’s not just a phrase in a catchy hymn. I’m speaking literally.  My parents greeted all and there were some strange and very unique characters who ebbed and flowed into our lives.  But there was always room for them around the table.
Around the table important declarations where shared and startling announcements where spoken.  It is at the table where the ordinary of the everyday is voiced and problems addressed – serious problems said out loud. At the table is where you gather to be nourished and nurtured. Good food, good friends and meaningful conversation.  For me gathering around the table is life-giving.
Throughout the centuries Christians have gathered around the table to experience koinonia – a Greek word meaning communion or fellowship. It literally means “to share with someone something”.  It’s been said that “we gather around table to be fed with the goodness of life, food and fellowship leads us to embrace and embody purpose, it provides for the action of sharing, it offers us the possibility of intimacy in the giving as well as the receiving of love.”
Enjoy your next meal and enjoy those who gather with you in body or spirit.

Scripture Reading: Acts 2:42
”They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship,
to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”

Reflection Questions:
What does being devoted mean to you?
What family ritual do you highly value?
How are you sharing the goodness of life?

Prayer:  Holy God, keep me mindful of those who gather around my table and let us be nourished and nurtured in body, mind and spirit, so we can share life more deeply together. Amen

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