I was reminded of something Ira Progoff wrote in his little book called, The Well and the Cathedral. He mused: “Long ago people discovered a well, and they came, year after year, to the well to drink the refreshing water. They felt healed, made whole by the water. Then someone said, let’s build a building over the well. They built a building. Years past and others said, let’s build a cathedral here. They built it. As the years past, this church got bigger and bigger, and the people forgot about the well—the wellspring underneath.”
This Sunday we offer the option of in-person worship.  (Worship will continue to be livestreamed and there is an on campus radio option as well.) We know that for some it is not yet the right time to venture out. Truthfully, part of us feels that way as well.  If you don’t feel safe attending don’t.  We know that in spirit you are present among the beloved of Pine Shores.  We also know that for others it’s been too long since we’ve gathered as a community in the Sanctuary. That is also true for us. Worship may feel a bit different to you but we promise the sweet Spirit is surely present.
We have been blessed in many ways during this trying and tiring time and we are most grateful that you have not forgotten “about the well”. Even at a distance, when it would have been easy and unnoticeable you have remained steadfast in remembering who you are.  As this journey continues we shall gather at the river in body or in spirit to be refreshed with all the goodness that God offers.

Scripture Reading: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:”

Reflection Questions:
What reminds you to remember the “well”?
What refreshes you?
What blessing(s) have you received during this pandemic?

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