I ended up in my thinking chair today with a phrase from yesterday’s Reflection bouncing around in my head… “There is a partly hidden strand of unorthodox Christian belief.” It’s tempting to spend my word allotment and define unorthodox Christian belief but that will foster a narrowness of thoughts which defeats possibility.  So how can we be challenged by the potential of unorthodox Christian belief moving us toward a deeper faithfulness? Former PCUSA Moderator Bruce Reyes Chow, wrote: “As people don’t return to church, we must accept the reality that obligation, habit, and the depth of current relationships are not enough to stay connected. If we can shed our ecclesiastical egos, we can receive this as an opportunity to build intimate friendships, implement just structures, and commit to organizing life-giving interactions.  The time to embrace and embody joyful and radical change is now.” If we listen rather than reject as hearsay this notion of unorthodox Christian belief, what can we discover?  Author Kurt Struckmeyer suggests: “Jesus never intended to create a new religion of rites, rituals, and dogma that offered an eternal reward in heaven. Instead Jesus announced the subversive arrival of the kingdom of God—a social and economic revolution of the heart based on a lifestyle of radical love, lavish generosity, extravagant forgiveness, inclusive hospitality, compassionate action, selfless service, a passion for justice, creative nonviolence, and simple living. He invited his followers to transform their lives and change the world.”

Scripture Reading: Colossians 2:2
“I want their hearts to be encouraged and united in love, so that they may have all the riches of assured understanding and have the knowledge of God’s mystery, that is, Christ himself,“

Reflection Questions:
What can help you move toward a deeper faithfulness?
How are you helping to change the world?
What does compassionate action, selfless service and a passion for justice look like to you?

Prayer: Holy God, I thank you for your call and claim upon my life. I pray for a deeper faithfulness. Fill me with passion to change the world. Amen.