Pine Shores will collect school supplies for both Beth-El and Gulf Gate Elementary School thru August 6th. School begins on August 12, 2019. Collection bins will be located in the Pine Shores Narthex, Community Center and church office. Please use the shopping list below so our donations will meet the children’s needs. If you would like us to shop for you, just make your check out to Pine Shores Presbyterian Church (PSPC) and write “School Supplies” in the memo line. The tax free shopping days and biggest sales are from Friday, August 2nd – Tuesday, August 6th.


Backpacks no wheels
# 2 Ticonderoga yellow pencils
Fiskar scissors (blunt tip and regular)
Hard cover composition notebooks
2 pocket folders (bottom pockets)
Yellow highlighters
Pencil bags
School supply box (5 x 8)
Tissue packs
Black Sharpies
3 Subject and 1 Subject notebooks
Coloring pencils
Pink pearl erasers
Loose leaf paper (wide ruled)
Washable markers
Ear Buds (listed for every grade level)