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We are pleased to inform you that In-person worship resumes on September 13th.  We are complying with the latest of Public Health recommendations which will change as more becomes known about how the virus causes its disease.  The recommendations currently include social distancing, if possible wearing a mask, avoiding close contact with other people, and washing hands.  In the sanctuary, we want to apply these principles to reducing aerosol spray by discouraging wide-open-mouth singing, loud reading, and forceful speaking.  The yellow tape in the sanctuary is to help you maintain a social distance.  The Bibles and Hymnals are in storage and the choir is absent.  All are to reduce aerosols.  The Ushers will guide you to a pew and after the service, they will call on you for exiting row-by-row to avoid close contact in the hallway as you leave the sanctuary.

We will continue livestreaming the worship service. For anyone wishing to listen to the special music prior to worship, the Narthex doors (both sides) will be open at 9:20 a.m.  (Special music will be prerecorded. The service will be live.)

Because there is no fellowship time you are asked not to congregate in the Narthex but upon arrival immediately enter the sanctuary through the north (elevator side) doors and you will be ushered to your desired sitting area. We want families to sit together.  However, to comply we should have four pew seats separating unrelated worshipers.

The order will be followed on the TV monitors. The offering will not be collected.  (For your convenience offering plates will be stationed at the exit doors.) At this time there is no Nursery available.

At the conclusion of the service, please exit through the south doors of the sanctuary while continuing to maintain distance from others and remember not to gather in the Narthex for conversation.

If you are running late please do not open the internal doors into the sanctuary but rather enter through the hallway leading to the sanctuary. (Someone will be available to assist you in finding a seat.)

In addition, if you are not feeling well please do not attend in-person worship. You have a couple of options to consider, you can remain in your car in either side of the sanctuary and tune your radio to 100.5 FM or worship virtually.  Finally, the greater risk for creating a hot spot in our Sanctuary arises from travelers returning from trips/places outside Charlotte, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties.  It would be preferable for returning members to worship virtually in their homes for two Sundays before attending a service in the Sanctuary.