Join us for this online experience of healing, creative spiritual practice.
Intro Video Lent 2020

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with Rev. Dr. Kathleen Weller
This Lenten season, I am inviting you to journey this creative, spiritual, healing path with me. The only thing you need is an unlined journal with at least 40 pages in it. I will supply a daily scripture or other sacred reading, some prompts to get us nestled in the Word, and share my own creative interpretation…I’ll then invite you into a sacred creative time of your own.

We are not being called to do masterpieces here. The creative piece of this practice is for your eyes only if you choose. If you want to share your experience, your process or your work… you will have an opportunity on Sunday, March 8th and Sunday, April 5th at 8:45 a.m. in the parlor where I’ll convene a gathering of participants. It will be a fun time!

The medium you use for your creative work is also up to you. Some suggestions are: pencil sketches, water colors, poetry, Haiku, reflective journaling, calligraphy, mandalas, collage, or beloved quotes or sayings. How you express your creativity is up to you!

Purchase your journal at Michael’s, Barnes and Noble or JoAnne’s. And get ready to be immersed in a creative, healing spiritual practice this Lent. If you send me your email address, I’ll be sending out some printable material to get us started. Contact me at:

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