Click here to visit the Pine Shores Facebook page with our LIVE streaming of Walk the Via Dolorosa. The LIVE sessions began on Saturday April 13th and will conclude on Good Friday.

The Via Dolorosa, the Way of Suffering, is a circuitous route through the Old City of Jerusalem, which tradition holds Is the route Jesus walked carrying his cross on the way to the crucifixion. Tens of thousands of Christian pilgrims fill the Old City to walk and pray during Holy Week. Beginning Palm Sunday, the 14 stops on the Via Dolorosa are posted to our Facebook Page and on our website, so that at our convenience we might experience this pilgrimage.  The last of the 14 stations will be posted on Good Friday.  It’s just one of many ways to observe this sacred season together.

Visit the 14 traditional stops Jesus made from the Mount of Olives to Calvary. Each video is under 15 minutes.

To watch previous session, click on the date to view each session:

Video 1
Jesus Prays Alone
First Session

Video 2
Jesus Is Arrested
Second Session

Video 3
The Sanhedrin Tries Jesus
Third Session

Video 4
Pilate tries Jesus
Fourth Session

Video 5
Pilate Sentences Jesus
Fifth Session

Video 6
Jesus Wears the Crown
Sixth Session

Video 7
Jesus Carries His Cross
Seventh Session

Video 8
Simon Ordered to Help
Eighth Session

Video 9
Jesus Speaks to the Women
Ninth Session

Video 10
Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
Tenth Session

Video 11
The Thief Speaks to Jesus
Eleventh Session

Video 12
Jesus Speaks to Mary and John
Twelfth Session

Video 13
Jesus Dies on the Cross
Thirteenth Session

Video 14
Jesus is Laid in the Tomb
Fourteenth Session