You are invited to join Sarasota Family Connections, a Facebook group created for families to receive tips and encouragement to build meaningful practices to add your family’s spiritual life. Click here to get started:

Your home is holy ground.
The rituals and traditions you create in your home serve as the foundation of your family’s faith formation. More than anything – what you do in terms of spiritual practices lay the foundation for what your children/grandchildren see as important in their religious/spiritual life in years to come. Claim that time now. Create meaningful moments in your home that teach and show the importance of faith in daily and seasonal rhythms. Join the discussion today. All are welcome.

This online community is led by Rev. Kelly Fitzgerald who serves alongside the church leaders at Pine Shores Presbyterian Church – pastors Rev. Karen Wismer and Rev. Bruce Wismer. It is open to all families in Sarasota (and beyond) who wish to find a community of faithful families seeking to nurture and strengthen the values and vision of a Chrisitan community.
We actively moderate this community. If you need us, please tag us in a post and we will respond as soon as possible.
We are so glad you are part of this community and while you are here we encourage you to:
-share uplifting stories with your fellow community members
-seek advice, support, and prayer for the challenges you encounter in life
-celebrate the good things happening in your life and the lives of your family and friends
-ask questions about your faith or church happenings