Memorial/Endowment funds at Pine Shores

A bequest can be used to support a memorial fund, also known as endowment fund, which is created, and the income and/or principal is distributed.
The Pine Shores Endowment provides a means of accepting gifts as a permanent investment, the future income from which will support mission projects and church operations. Several “Funds” comprise the Endowment, as described on the following page.

  • The General Fund is used in support of Pine Shores’ mission projects.
  • Church Legacy Fund is for gifts and bequests that are designated to support the church operating budget.
  • Noah Beck Memorial Fellowship supports collegiate and graduate students.
  • Oberg Prayer Garden Fund provides upkeep and necessary expansion and modernization of the Prayer Garden.
  • Minister’s Discretionary Fund is available for discretionary grants disbursed by the Co-Pastors.