Matt Dienna

Matt was born in Brooklyn, New York and baptized in the Roman Catholic church. He was raised in Valley Stream, Long Island with his two sisters and grew up as a member of Blessed Sacrament church in Valley Stream. He grew up with a piano in his home but began to play guitar at age 14 after being influenced by the Beatles invasion of America.  Matt was active in baseball, basketball, football and music and coached youth basketball for several years after high school. At age 17 he joined a five piece band as a keyboardist, guitarist and vocalist and began playing as a part-time professional musician. Matt raised 2 boys, Erik & Christian, on Long Island and coached each of their Little League baseball teams at every level throughout their childhood. He also became active in Emmanuel Lutheran church in Patchogue, Long Island where he served for several years as a Steward.

Matt has worked professionally in the Information Technology field performing a variety of jobs including computer operations, data security, graphic design, web development, interactive television development, and instructional design. During this time he continued to play with a variety of small combos to large bands before deciding to perform a solo act.

Matt met and married his wife Denise and with their two girls, Maria and Nicki, moved to Ellenton Florida in 2004. He resumed his musical career by performing solo and networking with other musicians. He eventually was introduced to Rick & Lindy Furrow and began performing with them on a regular basis under the name Prism.

Matt feels very blessed that God has given him a wonderful family and musical ability. He has always felt the joy that music brings and sees this as an opportunity to share God’s Word through music and continue to grow in his relationship with God.